What is the difference between wind turbines

The differences are substantial and the advantages of “Greek spirit” are many.

  1. Small cost to buy, high efficiency Dividing the total, final cost of installing a wind turbine, with the maximum real power of this, we can calculate the coefficient of performance. The wind turbines “Greek spirit” present the best rate of return, than any other wind turbine, either vertical or horizontal axis. Usually the market price of a wind turbine is much smaller than the final cost of the buyer, because installation requires significant expenditure, which is not evident from the beginning. But in the case of wind turbine “Greek spirit” the final installation cost is the purchase price plus freight only. It does not require any other expense, nor one additional screw, nor skilled craftsmen, nor crane, neither cement nor configuration space, nothing.
  2. Zero annoyance from noise or vibration. The wind turbine “Greek spirit II” does not produce noise, nor indeed any other form of pollutants. Does not present the minimum vibration,Neither carries some vibration through the anchor. It works flawlessly under a wide range of weather conditions.
  3. Zero maintenance cost. Wind turbines “Greek spirit” does not require maintenance. It is designed without specific knowledge, without special tools, anyone can repair even more serious damage.
  4. Electricity Production in a very big wide range of wind speeds. Wind turbines “Greek spirit” outweigh technologically than any other wind turbine in market, because it can offer the maximum electrical power to a wide range of wind speeds, which basically only very high size and extremely expensive wind generators can achieve.
  5. Electricity Production in extremely low wind speeds. Adding, externally from our wind turbine, in line with the diffusers, large slabs of plywood, so as to increase the surface of diffusers and consequently the amount of air that is trapped and driven to the turbine, wind turbines “Greek spirit” can produce electricity with wind speeds, so small that transcend science fiction.

Can I use the wind turbine at my home?

Of course! You put the wind turbine of your choice on the roof, or in the garden, or on the balcony, wherever theres wind, and with one simple cable you connect it to your home. For this purpose is the wind turbine “Greek spirit”, it is not for governments or big corporations. It is a machine to give energy independence to the simple people and families.

Are your wind turbines waterproof? Can they stand out-door?

Yes, they are waterproof, because they can work only out-door, where there is wind.

With a small turbine like the “Hercules I”, it is OK to turn on an air conditioner, right?

Right. You can feed any electrical appliance that consumes electricity, up to the total amount of energy that your inverter can provide. For example, if you have a 3000 Watt inverter, you can turn on electrical appliances that would not consume more than a total of 3000 Watt.

Once I have a turbine and some batteries, still, sometimes there’s no wind for a few days and the batteries are dry, can I revert to the electricity grid?

Yes. If your home, or the building where your home is, is connected to the electric grid, when you install the wind turbine, you use an electric double induction switch to connect it with the grid. With this switch, it is very easy, at any time you wish, to change the source of electricity, from the wind turbine to the grid and vice versa.

If there’s no wind, can I use a fan and make it work to produce energy? Do I need a big fan?

In no case should you use a fan. This is not the smart thing to do. If theres no wind, you will consume the energy stored in the batteries. The small wind turbine, “Hercules I”, can produce up to 800 * 24 = 19.000 watt per day when theres enough wind. An average family in Europe consumes 15.000 watt per day. The excess energy produced by the turbine would automatically be stored in the batteries and when theres no wind or the wind speed is low, the batteries would automatically supply electricity to your home.